• We provide expedited visa processing for U.S. citizens, and assist U.S. permanent residents and Canadian citizens with obtaining travel visas for all countries.

    Our fast, reliable, efficient, and secure services enable today’s international travelers to depart on a very short notice to all worldwide destinations. No matter where in the U.S. you are located.

    Many embassies and consulates change their imposed visa requirements without notice and this can often be effective immediately. Our expertise allows us to adapt quickly to these changes. Ambassador Passport and Visa has all the most recent forms you will need for passports, visas and other travel documents. They can be downloaded from our user friendly website at any time.

    We provide a complete array of expediting services for both individual and group travel, including tourist and business visas. We have over hundreds of countries and are ready to help you achieve your goals for obtaining a visa. We make it easy to obtain your Visa with all of the documents easily downloadable from our website.

    For a complete list of our Visa services you can visit us on our website Ambassador Passport and Visa.

    Ambassador Passport and Visa Inc.
    Professional Passport and Visa Processing
    20 Years of Experience.

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