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  • I found this story on the New York times and thought I would share.

    ON one of my very first business trips, I was fortunate enough to have my wife accompany me to Paris. We were young and didn’t have a lot of money. So this was an incredible treat. My son was only 3 months old, and since he was nursing, he came along, too.

    One of the things that I always do when I travel — even back then — is to make sure that I have everything in order. I checked with our travel agent and the airline, and was told that as long as we had our son’s original birth certificate, he didn’t need a passport.

    When we got to the airport in Boston, the airline refused to board us on their Paris flight. I was told my son needed a passport.

    What most people don’t know is that small childeren DO need passports and by the time they realize it the process and money it takes to obtain one is costly. A passport typically takes 6 weeks to process with standards fee, but should you need one expidted say within 2 weeks then the cost does rise quite a bit. Don’t let this happen to you and plan ahead, here at Ambassador Passport and Visa we know the strains and stress of travel, we have been helping folks for over 20 years with their passport and visa needs.

    We are here to assist you and will gladly take care of all the paper work necessary to fulfill your travel needs.

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